Jumat, 14 Februari 2014

Kitchen Paint Colors That Can Easily Copy

Kitchen area Paint Tips and Tricks

Don't tension. Kitchen cabinetry covers at least 50 % of a lot of kitchen wall-space, leaving the other 50 % to be used for backsplashes, trim, and other non-paint areas. That leaves a smaller sized area than you might think that needs paint.

Unless they are thermofoil, kitchen cabinets also are fair game for painting. Your greatest obstacle, with older kitchens, is to see to it the cabinets are sufficiently prepped for paint. TSP is a very low-cost cleaning solution available at any hardware shop that gets rid of even the most stubborn kitchen gunk.

Lastly, remember the ceiling. Ceilings tend to be "forgotten territory" whenever painting occurs. While strong colors on ceilings can make the space feel oppressive, you can vary the "fundamental white" look by choosing cream, putty, or other neutral tones.

This kitchen scene is from Valspar's Eddie Bauer Collection.


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